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In the course of human development flowers have
fascinated and inspired. They are both ephemeral
and guaranteed to fade, as all life does. The key is to
appreciate, enjoy, and relax into the arms of the
I have grown up picking and pressing flowers, always
admiring the incredible beauty contained within
each. Imagine this gorgeousness spent on something
so temporary! ​ 
To me this confirms the potential we all possess for limitless possibilities. It is consoling that this beauty that the soul longs for is provided in such outrageous bounty!  
My designs are one of a kind. I may use similar elements, but each is unique and therefore not duplicable. I am happy to custom design for specific events, and I can also create a framed design from the flowers of an occasion you wish to remember. I am currently experimenting with beautifying discarded items of a practical nature, firmly believing that even refuse can be beautifully useful.
The flowers I use are microwave pressed in order to better retain their color. Time, of course, changes all.
Let me know what you think!


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